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The "Baltic Frontier" Revisited. Power Structures and Cross-Cultural Interactions in the Baltic Sea Region. Hg. v. Imbi Sooman und Stefan Donecker. Wien 2009.

310 S., Ill.
ISBN: 978-3-9501575-1-2

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Cross-cultural interactions in the Baltic Sea Region, at the crossroads between East and West, have seldom been conceptualised as meetings between equals. Stereotypes of ethnic inferiority have been a regular feature of political and discursive processes in this region. In February 2008, an interdisciplinary panel of scholars met at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence to interpret cross-cultural interactions and structures of power in the Baltic Sea Region from the Middle Ages to the present and to critically reexamine how such encounters are reflected in politics, historiography, cartography, literature and the mass media. The proceedings of the international symposium are documented in this volume.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Editors' Address
  • Introduction: The Many Frontiers of the Baltic
  • Linda Kaljundi: Medieval Conceptualisations of the Baltic Sea Region. Performing the Frontier in Helmold of Bosau’s “Chronicle of the Slavs”
  • Stefan Donecker: The Medieval Frontier and its Aftermath. Historical Discourses in Early Modern Livonia
  • Holger Berg: Ethnic Demarcations in an Age of Upheaval. Notes on a Riga Guild Book, c.1538– 1616
  • René Tebel: Could Maps from the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period Provide Information about the “Baltic Frontier“?
  • Vija Daukšte: Die Bildung als politischer Faktor in der Geschichte Lettlands. Die Bauernschul- und Bildungspolitik der deutschbaltischen Ritterschaften im 19. Jahrhundert
  • Marta Grzechnik: Shaping the Image of the Baltic Sea Region in the Polish Consciousness. The Polish Baltic Institute in the Interwar Period
  • Maureen Perrie: The Baltic Lands as Russian Patrimony. The Uses and Abuses of History in the USSR under Stalin
  • Lars Fredrik Stöcker: The History of the Baltic Sea Region in the Cold War Era. Transnational Entanglements beyond the Iron Curtain
  • Magnus Ilmjärv: Soviet Baltic Policy 1939–1940 as Reflected in Russian Publications
  • Oliver Rathkolb: The Importance of Historical Perceptions of the Holocaust as an Indicator of Democratic Potential and European “Hyphenated” Identities as exemplified by the Baltic States since 1989
  • Roger Reidinger: Sprachensituation und Sprachpolitik im südöstlichen Ostseeraum im Lichte der Nationsbildung und der interkulturellen Beziehungen
  • Katja Wezel: Clashes of Memory in Europe’s “New Old Borderland”. Latvian Nation-Building and the Responses of Latvia’s Russian-Speaking Population
  • Imbi Sooman: The Bronze Soldier in Tallinn. A Reminder of the Lack of Common History
  • Sven Hakon Rossel: The Baltics in Danish and Swedish Literature. A Foray into Research Possibilities

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